August 20, 2019


All SUP (Stand-up Paddleboard) classes are Faith-based unless otherwise specified or requested.

Click here for PRICING and pre-scheduled, discounted paddleboard events, or to book your own class or private lesson. 





Paddle Basics:
This class teaches you basic paddling techniques, safety guidelines, knowledge of equipment and more! We jokingly say that I could "put myself out of business" with this class, as I set you up for a paddleboard lifestyle---you may never "need" me again...but if you want to to deeper and get better, I have other offerings for you!

Truly, I have had multiple students say that they have not been taught the right techniques, the ones that make standup paddleboarding a full body experience that is safe, until they take my class. Why waste your money on a rental falling off your board and wearing out your shoulders?

THIS is why Paddle Basics exists.








SUP Yoga*:

Maybe you practice yoga regularly...but wait 'til you try it on your SUP. Prepare to have your body and your yoga experience ROCKED. And come on---there is nothing like the experience of water, earth, sky, trees, birdsong, and creation all around you to enhance your yoga practice and your time with God! 



Advanced Techniques*:

Just like it says. You want to go beyond just being able to manage your board with real technique?  This is your class.


Paddle Fitness*:

This class incorporates techniques to enhance your regular workout a fun way! Paddling drills, yoga, traditional calisthenics-type movement...just because we can!  And oh yeah, any time you get hot, just jump in the water!

*Any class beyond Paddle Basics has a pre-requisite that Paddle Basics has been attended, or that the participant has demonstrated their skills to the instructor at a prior time.


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