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Mind, Body, Spirit...on the Water! Workshop 2022

It's happening! the promised SUP and Yoga workshop is happening again, on Saturday, August 6th!

What is so special about this workshop?

It's the "Mind, Body, Spirit on the Water" workshop that I created and copyrighted a few years ago as a way of introducing yoga teachers and teachers-in-training to stand-up paddleboarding while also giving them the chance to earn CEU's for their Yoga Alliance accreditation. It incorporates basic paddleboarding skills with study of Ayurveda as well as a biblical perspective, for those who want it. ❤

I have added to it and tweaked it, and it is now worth FOUR Contact Hours with the Yoga Alliance (or, alternatively depending on the yoga teacher training you might be attending, it could be worth 4 study and practice hours if your ytt has you keeping track of those).

FB has changed a bunch of things, so I have not yet created an event page there. Since this workshop is happening as a part of the the yoga teacher training that I am currently leading through Yahweh Yoga and Vessels of Clay Yoga, I am sharing this post on that already created page as well as here.

Things you need to know:

-I only have 9 spots available.

-Date: Saturday, August 6th, weather depending

-Location and Time: 1st half of the workshop, from 10am to Noon, The Grove Christian Church in Branson, MO, 2nd half of the workshop, on the water, of course! at Table Rock Lake, 1pm to 3-ish (There will be a one hour break between the 1st half and 2nd half for lunch and travel to the lake).

-Cost: $100 to general public, with a 20% discount if you reserve your spot by August 29th! (so, $80 if you reserve and pay by the 29th).

*Yahweh Yoga/Vessels of Clay Yoga grads, it's half-price for you, as promised! $50

You will need paddleboard equipment--the MINIMUM required will be a board, a paddle, and a lifejacket/lifevest. YES YOU MUST WEAR THIS FOR A PORTION OF THE CLASS. If any of this is a problem for you, this might not be the class for you.

-For those of you with your own equipment, if you have a leash, please bring that, too.

-If you need to rent equipment, I recommend that you reach out to Kayak Branson

*Note: this is NOT a SUP certification. (It's been asked before.) This is just a yoga workshop like any other, only it so happens that half of it happens on water! =-) How fun is that?!?

I am a certified paddleboard instructor and an E-RYT 500 with a YACEP profile on the Yoga Alliance website, so I am able to offer this for CEU'S.

(The workshop is not on the YA site yet, as they are working out some issues with a glitch on their site...)

Message me ASAP if you are interested, as there are only 9 spots available.

I look forward to the balancing and communing in nature with you...and the aaaaah.....


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