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Guest Post: 5 Best Resources for New Yogis

Resources for Yogis--some of them I had not even heard of before!

Check out this Guest Post from Faith of

There is no bad time to begin your yoga journey. Stop telling yourself, “I can’t do yoga.” All yogis started at square one at some point in their lives.So, if you are just starting out on your yoga journey, firstly, welcome! Second, we want to share some useful tools to ensure you are making the most of your new yoga practice. Here are suggestions of resources for each of the most essential elements of yogic growth.

For Technique Lesson number one: Yoga is so much more than just exercise. To get the most from our practice, yogis hone the mind-body connection until it is powerful enough to fill us with prana, or life force.

One of the key tactics for accomplishing this is through the use of breath. As your practice develops, it will introduce you to a number of varied and wonderful breathing techniques. However, as a beginner, it's important to master the basics. The Pranayama app is a fantastic tool that focuses on the base elements of yogic breathing. You can download it for free and take it with you anywhere, so it makes for an extremely convenient practice. Once you have mastered breath control, your movement will immediately evolve. For Practice

There’s a reason we call it “practice.” Many newbies feel they have to perfect their chaturanga immediately and achieve full lotus. In reality, it’s progressing in your own time that is the true mark of a real yogi. Make sure you find an appropriate environment. Many studios use the hot yoga technique to ensure muscles are warmed up properly for the deep stretches, and detoxification is encouraged through sweat. If you’re opting for a home practice, make sure you’re warming up properly to achieve the same effect.

For finding home routines, the internet is a fantastic resource. With so many leading yoga instructors producing easy-to-follow videos, there is an entire wealth of sessions to be found on the platform. You can search videos to target specific elements—strength, flexibility, mindfulness—so be sure to do your own exploration.

For Background Knowledge

There are over 4,000 years of history behind yoga. The theories and beliefs behind the practice are an incredibly integral part of its success. The ancient Hindu ritual has been meticulously documented through time, but it’s likely beginners aren’t going to want to force themselves through the entirety of the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.” Fortunately, many other fantastic books compact these pillars of belief into a significantly more accessible format. Try “The Science of Yoga” by William Broad or the Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda for a deeper insight into the practice For Community Yoga is valuable as a daily practice, but it's even more effective as a team sport. Finding like-minded people with whom to share your practice is the greatest way to learn and improve quickly. All great studios have wonderful classes on offer to induct you into the yoga community. Once you join, you will be able to connect with your yogic family anywhere in the world. is a fantastic resource to find classes near you. No matter where you are globally, you can input your location and find a detailed list of nearby classes. For Lifestyle For those hoping to get the most out of their yogic journey, your lifestyle plays a crucial role. While the time you spend within the four corners of your mat is a great start, you'll find it equally beneficial to incorporate yoga in other aspects of your life. Especially for those working in an office, adding a bit of mindful movement into your daily routine will help you to create lasting progress. Office Yoga Pro is an extremely handy app that will provide you with quick, easy routines to do at your desk. Similarly, diet is a major factor in the yogi community. The belief that we should nourish our bodies in a clean and respectful way is a huge part of the lifestyle. Clean Plates is the perfect resource to keep track of your food. As well as providing a plethora of nutritional information, it offers inspiring recipes, cultural insights and cuisines from around the world. If you’re on the move, there are even apps that will ensure you can stay on top of your yogic journey. Proxy software is a traveling yogi’s best friend. It allows you to bypass internet restrictions in countries with high censorship, so you can access all the above resources no matter where in the world you are.

As a community, we yogis are always keen to welcome new friends into our midst. We hope beginners never feel put off by those more experienced and are happy we can provide this list of resources to help improve confidence in those just starting their journey. Please don't hesitate to get involved, and be sure to ask any questions you have in the comments below.

About the Author:

Faith is a yogi who has dedicated her adult life to providing healing and empowering advice to others on their wellness journey. Currently working as a blogger, she has just finished her yoga teacher training! You can connect with her at

*The statements made in this article are not necessarily reflective of the beliefs or inclinations of the website owner.

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