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Yoga Etiquette 101

It's just one of those things that needs to be shared every now and again. I mean, you don't know unless someone shares with you, right? I certainly didn't when I started my yoga practice. Once in awhile, it deserves a re-share. Here is a list of things that I find important to practice in your public yoga practice: 1. Be on time, which really means, be 5 to 10 minutes early. This gives you time to be settled and quiet, ready to focus, as well as helping you not to disturb someone else's pre-class quiet time. We are a community, after all. ❤ besides- it is never fun being the one rushing around stressed while everyone else is already zenning out... 2. That getting settled/quiet time? That means gathering all props you might need & having them ready next to you...MINUS your phone, which should be off or in airplane mode, somewhere away from you. (Exceptions can apply on case-by-case basis, of course.) *Also, roll out your mat gently rather than plunking it down loudly like a sack of cat litter. This is your sacred space, after all. ❤ meanwhile, someone else may be near you already enjoying/craving the pre-class quiet...& your plunking is like an earthquake. 😅 3. As much as you are able, avoid stepping on someone else's mat without permission. That is their sacred space as well. We all make innocent mistakes, no biggie, but mindfulness can go a long way. Do you want someone else's feet where you lay your forehead? 4. HYGIENE versus PERFUME. This is BIG. please DO come to class with at least a smidge of hygiene effort, as in some kind of soap/water/toothpaste action, but -- Please also DO AVOID wearing strong perfume or ahem, resiliant perfume, shall we say? It may be lovely, and usually like a spring day or an exotic vacay, but in the yoga room it may well be interfering with someone else's breathing practice. It's just not great. 5. Lastly, it is helpful to eat lightly an hour or more before class (unless class is at 5am)--basically so your food has gone thu the biggest parts of digestion & u are not hampered by digestive difficulties in your practice.

Luke 6:31--- doing unto others...

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