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Faith Flow Vinyasa is back in Branson!

Faith-based, Christ-focused yoga is coming back to Branson!! Limited time series, 3 weeks at a time... Faith Flow Vinyasa, 6pm on Thursdays (usually thursdays--but this go-round has a holiday in the middle)

Tri-Lakes Christian Church, 116 Pathway, Branson, MO Dates for classes this first round will be:

Thursday February 7th, Friday February 15th

(cuz no one would show up on Thursday the 14th, Valentine's night, right?), Thursday the 21st. (Usually will be all Thursdays, but the holiday...) Cost: $35 for all 3 weeks---or.... (OR Drop-ins are $15, OR get unlimited access to ALL of my faith based classes for $60/4 weeks -that means you get another week and many more classes----these last 2 options can be paid in person) ) Folks have been asking me to teach again in Branson, and this is what makes the most sense based on previous efforts and life balance needs. In order to make this class go, there needs to be a minimum number of 7 people signed up at the $35 rate.

I usually don't share that kind of info in promotion, but I think this time it is necessary. There is a deadline for that minimum number of 7 by February 4th, so that we can all plan our week and know what is coming up! =-) *If you have been wanting these classes to come back to Branson, it's time to spread the word and help make it happen, loves!*

I am so looking forward to sharing this with you again!

And join us on the event page on Facebook if you like, to stay in the know with announcements and such!

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