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Yoga Class Descriptions Vessels of Clay Yoga & SUP Fitness

All classes listed are "Faith Filled", "Faith Focused" or rather, pointing to Christ!

Yahweh Yoga is the yoga school where I received my first nationally recognized certification way back when, and the style of yoga that is my specialty...feel free to check them out at

Faith Flow (Vinyasa)- Beginner to Intermediate:

All levels are welcome (yes, sweet beginner, that means you!), but participants must* be comfortable with moving from floor to standing and back again...this is a flow class, meaning that we move from asana to asana (pose to pose) on the breath...there are some long holds in asana, but this class "flows"....

*there are always exceptions to rules, ya know?-- but know that in certain cases, a private lesson may need to be scheduled with me in order to establish what a particular client needs to do for "their flow"...for example, if one has a broken foot, etc. It's not impossible, but it needs its own attention. I can show you what you can do in a flow class in a private session, but I cannot spend time on it within the class, to the detriment of other students' experience.

Faith Filled Stretch, Strengthen, Restore:

This class was created as a need was born.

Adapted & expanded from my Chair yoga class, students at that time progressed and grew stronger, and needed a little bit more of a challenge, so we added more standing poses & strength components. This class IS challenging for your strength & breath, & WILL help you go deeper in your flexbility...even some younger folks find it challenging (!)...but it is not TOO much. It is worth your effort---but it is NOT a FLOW class in the traditional sense. (see above)

We utilize the floor, wall, standing poses, some chair, and our own bodies, with props, in order to re-train, re-gain, re-new mobility and strength. There is not a lot of "getting up and down". We usually stay within one plane, for a certain amount of time, aka, at the wall, in the chair, or on the floor---we don't switch that up constantly.

You WILL feel that you did something worthwhile afterwards..."this ain't yo grandma's yoga"!!!

Renewing Spirit Restorative Yoga--

This class is all about the "aaaah." In our Western Society we live on a very much pro-active, yang, aggressive, masculine energy level...and we do not take enough time to Be. Still. Yes, any yoga class can bring about healing, stillness, and relaxation...but most of us need a lot more Rest than we are getting!!! It is in Quietness and Trust that we find our strength.

Plus...this is just delicious.

*Props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps are used and needed for Restorative Yoga.

Christian Meditation (Guided; 30 min)--

For a lot of us, the word "meditation" can be intimidating. I won't go into the myriads of descriptions of what it can mean here--

Just know that in this class, you will be invited into a comfortable position and passively allowing yourself to be guided into stillness and worship that honors the Lord and transforms you in the renewing of your mind...

and "warning": you may leave feeling His Peace tangibly, walking on a cloud, even more than before.

--not available currently, but may be again soon!--

Faith Filled Chair Yoga /Limited Mobility or Seniors Yoga--

A "traditional" chair yoga class which utilizes chairs, floor, wall, props. There is not a lot of "getting up and down"...and for the times when we might, I will teach you how to do so SAFELY. This is where we re-gain our lives again, for those of us who have been limited by injuries, aging, or other circumstances. Also just a great chance to sloooowwww down.

Classes are generally an hour long unless otherwise noted or lunchtime classes (30 to 45 min).

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