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New Year, New Yoga Schedule, Discounts, & Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training

Happy New Year, ever'body!

Just sharing some new things on the horizon as we start a new year...full of hope? Promise? Expectations? Peace?

I pray ALL of these things for you. God has a Divine Purpose and Plan for you, one that is GOOD. One that is full of abundant life. One that is full of Joy. HE PROMISED! I pray that even as you read this, you are filled with the hope that comes from Hearing His Word and standing in it...for He is FOR YOU!

(Jeremiah 29:11, John 10:10, Romans 10:17, Romans 15:13)

Even if it doesn't feel like's still true.


Ready to dive back into your faith-filled yoga practice? Feel better in your body? Deepen your faith?

There are plenty of Faith-based yoga classes happening each week, as well as a specialty workshop coming up January 27th, and the Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training beginning April 20th (which is NOT just for teachers, by the way. More on that in a moment).

**This schedule has been updated since the original post as of April, 2018.

Please refer to most recently updated article regarding schedule,

the image on the homepage at,

or to the business page on Facebook here.

As for classes, we did have to take the Monday morning Chair yoga class off the schedule for the time being-- there just wasn't enough interest. I know that it IS a need in our area, as I have been requested for it for years, but at this time, it seems like I am not able to reach those people to let them know, so perhaps I am being called to teach somewhere else, or something else in that slot...or just take that time to focus on other things that Vessels Of Clay Yoga needs focus on! Note: Beginning in May 2018, the Friday Renewing Spirit Restorative Yoga class at 12:15pm happens only on the last Friday of each month until further notice.


In January only:

-1st class drop-in cost is only $10! (instead of 15)--and then that $10 can be applied to a Class Card!

-Continuing the "bring a friend, get a discount" offer this month. When you bring a first-timer friend, and they sign up for a FLEX card within one week of their first class, YOU get 10% off your next FLEX card...up to 10 times, 10 friends, so you can get your card for free!

Yoga Etiquette Are you up on your p's and q's when it comes to showing up to a yoga class? What is kindness towards your fellow yogis/yoginis? What's the deal with quiet time? It's always good to here to learn!

Yoga with Cats

More yoga videos and tips on the way...and plenty already at my youtube channel...feel free to subscribe so you don't miss any fun (or help!)

Learn a Healthy Lifestyle, Deepen your Faith and Your Practice

I am so THRILLED to be selected as one of only 3 studios where one can get the highly acclaimed Yahweh Yoga style Teacher Training outside of Arizona!

This is NOT just for folks wanting to become yoga teachers---this is for ANYONE who wants to learn a healthy lifestyle, deepen their practice, deepen their knowlege, deepen their FAITH!!! BUT-- if you have ever felt called to do something special, to help others grow in their relationship with Jesus and with themselves...

this is definitely for you. This training begins April 20th. It is only 7 weekends long, every-other weekend, so it does not disrupt your entire life, and you have a chance to breathe during the training. (previously you had to drop your lives for 2 weeks and go out to Arizona!)

The first weekend includes a Friday night, but after that, it is only Saturdays and Sundays. If you have ANY interest at all, please send me a message, and I am happy to answer your questions! This training is a LIFE-CHANGER.

**by the way, anyone taking this training will get FREE YOGA CLASSES WITH ME for the duration of the training! That is a $210 value!!! There are also discount and payment options for the training itself...


Lastly---let's face it, sometimes life is CHALLENGING. POOPTASTIC. Not what we had hoped for... If that has been true for you, click here.

My friends, I pray for you that all goes well with you...that even as your soul prospers, your body prospers, and everywhere in between! (3 John 1:2)

Feel free to drop me a line anytime for encouragment, prayer, or just to giggle together!!! With so much love,

lil robyn

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