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August 2018 News/Scheduling/Coming Events

Hey gang!!!

Well... they did it!

The newest Yahweh Yoga tribe completed their 14 days of training to fully become Tribe 73-1 !

(That's tribe number 73 for Yahweh Yoga, and Tribe 1 for Yahweh Yoga with Vessels of Clay Yoga---

the first ever tribe in Missouri! --and More to come in the future!).

I am so very excited for all that God has planned for them as they go forth ready to serve and help those whom God wants to love on through THEM!

I am so grateful to God for this special group of people---and He is going to do great things through them for the blessing of His beloved.

As for me...

while I now have some time before the next every-other-weekend training begins,

there is still plenty of stuff on the horizon that God has purposed me to do---and I hope you join me for much of it! In this newsletter: -Coming Events--both Yoga and Paddleboard -Regular Schedule

-Discount options

By the way--

if you are interested in the Yahweh Yoga teacher training---

even if you don't intend to become a teacher, but just really want to go deeper in your practice, in your Faith, and in your healthy lifestyle, we are setting the next Missouri Yahweh Yoga/Vessels of Clay yoga training to begin in April 2019!

Message me asap if you have ANY interest at all... believe me, the sooner we start chatting about it, the better!


Yoga Festivals,

Paddleboarding, and

regularly scheduled, Christ-focused yoga classes,

oh my!

August 4th:

the LAST, DISCOUNTED paddleboarding event of the SUP season, where you can take either or both of the Paddle Basics and SUP yoga classes with Vessels of Clay Yoga & SUP Fitness.

(If you are not able to make that date, then we can schedule your own class or private lesson at regular cost.)

August 25th:

I will be teaching Faith Flow Vinyasa at this FREE yoga festival! come practice with me and shine your Light!

Connect with me to find out what time my class is...right now it is one of the first classes of the day, but that could change...

and anyway, stay beyond that for all the other cool classes and vendors! This festival has such a fun vibe---the park is beautiful, the feeling is laid back and ALIVE, and we are all there to just enjoy different aspects of yoga, life, and love!

and it's FREE!!!!

October 19-21st: Shambhala Yoga and Music Festival, in Ava, Missouri. I will be teaching an Introduction to Faith Based yoga as well as a Faith Flow---so many have not experienced Yahweh Yoga style yet (but some of YOU have!), and I am SO THRILLED to be sharing it at these festivals!

Keep in touch with me regarding when that will be on the schedule...I am looking forward to both of these festivals---so much fun!

I WOULD SO, SO, SO LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN ME AT THESE FESTIVALS! (If I am being totally transparent, I would so appreciate your support and good vibes! This is exciting and scary stuff!)

Next up:

Regular Class Schedule as of August 2018,

and a reminder of Referral Discounts!...keep reading...

Yoga Class reminders:

-No Classes scheduled for the week of July 30 through August 3rd. Classes will resume August 6th---but remember, August 7th is Election Day and the first Tuesday of the month, so no p.m. classes. -the first Thursday of each month, Branson classes move to "the Hut" at Tri-Lakes Christian Church, instead of the Upper Room. -Until further notice, no a.m. classes on Tuesdays in Branson---but if enough of you find that you need morning classes in Branson, please let me know, and we might bring them back to Monday or Tuesday!

-Restorative Yoga happens once per month on the last Friday--message me by 7pm the previous night so I know you are coming!

Otherwise, schedule as usual in the image above!

(I am in contact with a few other spaces for other potential classes north or south of the Branson/Forsyth area--if you have a church or venue you would like to nominate for class, reply back!...

and Branson/Forsyth/Walnut Shade/Hollister/Bradleyville, etc.... you know that if we have plenty of interest in Branson and Forsyth, I could add there, as well!)


Just in case you forgot, let me remind you that I have a constant referral discount option!

For anyone that you refer to me who signs up within a week of their first class for a FLEX card, I will give you 10% off your next FLEX card---up to the point that it is free! That's right---if you refer 6 people to me in one session and they all sign up for a Flex card, your next Flex card is on me. Beloved, I pray that Grace and Peace are multiplying toward you right now as you read this. I pray that your body is prospering even as your soul is prospering. I pray that you are feeling and living that joyful, abundant life He came to give you! It's yours for the receiving! Be blessed, my sweets!!!


lil Robyn

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