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#2 August Newsletter/ DISCOUNTS & FREE YOGA

Well, here we are nearing the end of August---dog days of summer, Back to School, and all of that! I don't know if you are feeling it or not, but it certainly does seem like the world goes on high speed at the same time as what we call "summer" seems to be winding down... know what I mean?

So in keeping with my current favorite word "SIMPLICITY", I am keeping this note as short and to the point as possible!

(Gosh---it's not just a word. It is my current MANTRA!) News you can use: -True You Yoga Festival this weekend = FREE YOGA! -Back to School discounts FOR EVERYONE!!! YES, EVERYONE!

-How to best get updates on scheduling & what's happening with Vessels of Clay Yoga

-Update on Hillsong story, and other fun things...

Here we go! 1- the True You Yoga Festival is THIS WEEKEND!!! Free Yoga all day long, plus fun vendors and actions! Come get your happy vibe groove on! Not only that, but I am bringing a bit of Jesus to the party with a Faith Flow class at 11am--- I would so love to have your light shining with mine, for HIM, at Phelps Grove Park this Saturday!!!

2-BACK TO SCHOOL SALE/DISCOUNTS!!! From now, August 23rd through September 23rd, New Students get 20% off their FIRST purchase, whether it be a Drop-in fee or a full-on membership card! (Obviously the membership card gets them a deeper discount).

Not only that, but CURRENT STUDENTS also get a chance at a discount. You already have an ongoing referral discount, but I am upping the ante for the next month! For anyone that you refer who purchases a FLEX card, you get 20% your next membership card (Flex OR Series...usually that only goes for Flex with the ongoing referral discount)

This is HUGE! I already offer REALLY LOW PRICES for yoga in the Ozarks...

let's see how many people can be helped to get going this next month!

3-How do I stay up-to-date on the schedule?

While I send out images and updates on the regular schedule every few months or so, or when there changes, from time to time, there are updates that literally happen on any given day depending on circumstances.

The BEST way to keep up to date on those changes is by visiting the facebook page for Vessels of Clay Yoga and SUP Fitness.

Any last minute changes are posted there.

In addition, MOST weeks I also post the weekly schedule early in the week---but if some crazy change happens, you will want to go to the page to check it out.

SOMETHING ELSE REALLY GOOD TO DO: be sure that you have not only "liked" the facebook page, but that you have selected "SEE FIRST" under the tab that says "Following".

You tap or click the "following" tab, and there is a drop-down menu. Select "see first", and every time you open facebook, posts from my page will pop-up at the top of your feed.

(You can have multiple "see first" choices---I have done that with a few of my favorite pages.) Let's face it---this world is coming at us all way too fast, and whether you feel it or realize it or not, it is sapping us. We have to set boundaries on our time and how we use it. To that end, I am setting a good example by choosing to limit how many times and places I post every little thing, and choosing to realize that I teach a group of adults who are very capable of looking things up that have been posted---thus eliminating the need for multiple texts, posts, tags, etc. It's healthier for all of us!

4-Finally---for those who know that Hillsong Channel reached out to me regarding my testimony, I have had word that the programming committee loved my story and it is waiting for final approval---Glory to God and keep those prayers coming for what He wants to do with sharing it! Also, as of this week I accepted a position teaching a paddleboard fitness class at College of the Ozarks twice per week...and then they decided it was a little too close to the beginning of the semester to get the process started, so we are postponing until Spring...but what fun news, right?

Lastly, we now have the dates set for the 2019 Yahweh Yoga/Vessels of Clay Yoga teacher training and we are accepting enrollments! Contact me for more info.

I hope you find these newsy items helpful, and I hope to see you and your friends in class and on the mat very soon! To God be the Glory!!! (and we somehow end up with the Blessing.)


lil Robyn

Ps---it's not too late to join the "Live the Let Go Life" Bible Study. If you are interested, let me know. It will be VERY low key, and mainly happens online!

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