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Faith Flow Yoga in Branson, 2020!

Photo Credit: Mountaintop Yoga Snowbasin

Faith-based, Christ-focused yoga is coming back to Branson!! Limited time series, 3 weeks at a time... Faith Flow Vinyasa, 6pm at Tri-Lakes Christian Church Dates for classes will be:

Friday, February 21st Friday, February 28th Friday, March 6th Go deeper into intimacy with God and with yourself.

Feel better in your body. Take care of your temple.

Breathe in LIFE, and Joy, and praising with our minds, our breath, our movement.

Meditate on His Word. Meditation in Motion.

Practice His Presence.

Practice resting in Him.

Folks have been loving this class, for not just the physical as well, but also the spiritual!

Things heard:

"My back didn't hurt anymore...

I slept better after class...

It was so worshipful!....

the word that came to my mind was ABIDE..." FAQ'S: -Is this beginner friendly? Yes! All of my Vessels of Clay Yoga classes are currently beginner friendly! -Any pre-requisites to attend? The only pre-requisite PHYSICALLY is that you must be able to get up and down off the floor.* *This is not a limited mobility class. (But I do have another class that could suit your needs, if that is what you need...feel free to message Robyn about that!) -Cost:

For just the 3 weeks of class-- Earlybird price (paid BY February 14th):

$30 for all 3 weeks As of February 14th and on: $35 Want more than 3 classes? Only $60 to have access to ALL of the Vessels of Clay Yoga classes in both Branson and Forsyth, for a month! That's a week longer with 4 more class options per week! Sign up HERE directly.

and feel free to check out our Facebook Event page HERE.

-Will there be a Drop-in option? There will be a Drop-in option of $15 per class only AFTER the minimum participant requirement of 7 pre-paid students has been met. -Questions about yoga? Visit -How long is the class each Friday? Technically the class is one hour, but I added the extra 15 minutes at the end in case we run over a little while RELAXING AT THE END... aaaaah. Folks have been asking me to teach again in Branson, and this is what makes the most sense based on previous efforts and life balance needs.

Want to connect with others about this class, and get more info?

Feel free to contact Robyn through this website, or join the Facebook event page Here! (In order for this series to actually begin on February 21st, there must be 7 pre-paid participants by February 17th. Not "on" February 17th, but BY February 17th. If we sign up on Monday, that is one day too late. Make sense? =-) We need to honor everyone's needs to plan their week. ♥) Time to spread the word so we can make this beautiful experience happen!

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