LIVESTREAM Yoga/ Meditation & More

Guess What?

We can now connect via LIVE online classes-

as well as pre-recorded classes-

through my Youtube channel (a WEALTH of material there!)

and through Facebook!

(and if we don't actually "meet" on facebook, I will surely post links or ways there of getting to where we are "meeting"!

I am working very hard to create online content for you in the areas of Yoga classes and tips, Guided meditation and tips, Health tips, Biblical Encouragement, and funny or fun things! Just because sometimes we can't meet in person, does not mean we cannot practice together! As this post is being written during the COVID-19 crisis, allow me to remind you that we truly are all in this together! And I would love to practice with you, right in your own home...(but while practicing social distancing/physically distancing, of course!)

Please feel free to keep checking back with this website, as new things and options are being added all the time, including exclusive livestream classes for a nominal, very very VERY affordable price! Eventually, I hope to have some regular online livestreams available... Breathe, Practice, Meditate, Laugh. #withme #stayhomewithme #inthistogether

So much love and blessing, Grace and Peace to you! 3 John 1:2

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

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