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What keeps you coming back to your yoga mat? and Labor Day message/reminders...

Happy Labor Day Weekend, ever'body!!! In one of my devotional studies this year, God revealed to me that our true "labor" should be laboring to enter into His rest. The rest that He provided through the finished work of Jesus on the Cross. And did you know that before Jesus went to the Cross, He bequeathed to you and I who follow and believe Him, HIS Shalom?

Shalom in Hebrew is not just a greeting like Ciao, or Aloha...its meaning goes deeper.

It means Welfare/Well-being, Health, Prosperity, and yes, Peace!

So He said, in effect, I am leaving you all of THAT. That is your inheritance upon my do not let your heart be troubled, and do not be afraid! (Hebrews 4:11, John 14:27) So maybe this holiday weekend, I invite you to take a moment or 10 and reflect on that...we can only receive an inheritance when someone passes away. God set up a very powerful inheritance for us which includes well-being, health, prosperity and peace---Jesus' own Shalom! And Jesus voluntarily died for us to receive it. He loves you THAT MUCH. Can you receive that today? Beloved, I pray that you would "labor unto that rest" this weekend...resting in your heart, mind, and sure, even your body if you like!

OTHER News you can use: --NO CLASSES LABOR DAY (Monday) or TUESDAY (1st Tuesday of the month)...

we will resume classes on Thursday as usual! *

(Branson classes please remember to let me know that you are or are not attending by 10am on Thursday morning, and thank you!)

-20% Discount still applies through September 23rd!

See last newsletter for details.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this information with your friends!

It is a great time for them to get started---

and let's face it, the more people get to come to class, the more people begin to feel better in their mind, body, and spirit...and it overflows to everyone around them! It's not just a workout. You know that. It's about God's power at work within us. and He is POWERFUL!

(plus, the more people we have in class, the higher the energy and good vibes! And it is insurance that we will be able to continue having these classes together!)

-the True You Yoga Festival was ah-mazing!!!!

God sure showed up, and so did His people!

We had a beautiful practice with 17 of us (plus me), and it was full of JOY, STRENGTH, SWEAT, and WORSHIP!!!

I'm telling you, I hope that all I ever do shows people JESUS. And I saw His Light reflected in smiles all around me...WHAT A BLESSING!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out and practiced as well as everyone who has prayed in advance for this event--

It was a beautiful day to meet with our peers in the yoga world as well, and just have a good time taking care of our temples and meeting with friends!

-I HAVE GOT TO KNOW SOMETHING: What brings you back to class, time after time? The physical practice?

Anything specific it has helped with?

The spiritual component of worship?

Meeting with God on your mat?

Have you ever had a tangible/intangible encounter where you just knew He was speaking to you? Have you ever even thought about it? PLEASE REPLY WITH YOUR THOUGHTS...I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM! Blessings to you, sweet, precious sons and daughters of the Most High. You. are. LOVED.

lil robyn

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